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Green Lantern is Dim

As promising as the visuals and effects seemed, this movie just didn’t do it for me. We skipped it in the theater, and my son (who’s 13) didn’t even jump to watch it with me on DVD. This just goes to show that the marketing missed the mark. People don’t just want fancy, flashy visuals and maybe a few humorous quips. In order for a superhero movie to do well nowadays, it has to have a human element to it, a way for the audience to relate to the character. This didn’t come through in the previews, and maybe that’s because it’s just not there in the film.

Hal Jordan (played as best he could by Ryan Reynolds), in this rendition of the story, comes off as an arrogant, Top Gun pilot (something we’ve seen too many times before) and, while he’s humbled a bit in the film, his only real flaw is that he’s “afraid.” This is the theme of the film that’s smacked across our face over and over, and, while the message is a good one– we shouldn’t be ashamed of being afraid, we should step up with courage and overcome it– we don’t care much about it by the end, because we’re so tired of hearing about it by then. Also, deep down we’re thinking, “Really? You have a ring that enables you to fly and create anything you imagine and you’re too afraid to do anything with it?” Sorry, quit whining. Try raising a family in this economy, then come back and talk to me about overcoming fear.

Plus, the action was more effects-driven, and even goofy at times– he creates a green, spiraling track for a crashing helicopter to land on and avoid hitting people– and, while it’s good that we see Hal winded or hurt even at times, the ending with him just feet away from the sun and not even breaking a sweat is just so ridiculous, we have to finally throw the towel in on this inaccessible hero.

What do you think? Do you agree or did the Lantern shine brighter for you?


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